This post is brought to you by Drivel.

Then again, maybe it is just plain drivel.

Today, I’m starting to use an offline blog editing tool called Drivel, This will let me make entries on my laptop when I’m disconnected, queue them up and push them to the wordpress servers when I’m next connected. All in all, it’s a nice little program, and should make for a nice addition to my low tech toolkit. A big thanks to Mr Mohammad Hafiz bin Ismail’s page below which helped me get started very quickly when I noticed that WordPress wasn’t one of the options at first start.

Speaking of tools, I love RSS feeds, which is a great way to keep yourself organized and connected to your favorite blog or new sites, while keeping your bandwidth usage very low. Google Reader appears to be a common one, but I wanted offline access. I’m currently running Liferea for the Gnome desktop environment.

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