Project Road Map

Things I plan to do in the next few weeks:

  • Clean up front flower beds: Edge, line with brick, till, and cover with landscape fabric
  • Clean up solar panel install: Build elevated platform for rack, bury power cable
  • Clean up garage (massive project)
  • Clean up radio setup in the card

Mid term projects:

  • Design landscaping for front flower beds
  • find and join a ham radio club
  • Get HAM plates for the car
  • Take and pass the “general” amateur radio license exam

Long term projects

  • Build two HF transceivers from inexpensive (<$50) kits. Create a data link between two places and experiment with range
  • Build the Openshed, tiny mobile home
  • Complete a completely self contained sustainable homestead

About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ
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One Response to Project Road Map

  1. Lisa Wagner says:

    I like your list of projects! So far you got a lot of work done! Too bad it’s like a million degrees now, so everything is postponed!

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