Other thoughts and new directions.

My hobby in ham radio is off to a great start. I’ve been in contact with the 147.090 repeater every day as I drive, and every one of the other users seem quite nice and friendly. I’ll be meeting them at the local Dennys on Saturday for breakfast and conversation. As I get more and more comfortable with working at 2 meters, I’m starting to get excited about working in HF.

The general license exam (which is required for most operations below 150Mhz) is the first Monday of June, and I’m on point for passing that exam. I’m also starting to look at some simple kit radios. A Softrock-40 (http://www.amqrp.org/kits/softrock40/) seems to be a nice start.

This weekend is going to a time of small projects and cleaning. I hope to get that whole first tier off of my todo list which I posted last time, as well as get a good jump on all second tier.

And finally, if I have time, I’m going to start doing a little dreaming about the name sake of this blog, The Open Shed, aka the smart cabin, aka whatever other name i can come up with. The idea is this: I want to build a tiny house. I like the concept of using as little resources as is necessary. While my wife my not agree, I feel like our current home is far to large even at 1000sq ft. Yes, we don’t have kids yet, and that may change soon, so this isn’t a static belief. I also want a space were I can freely follow my hobbies: radio, sustainable technology and practices, and traveling. A man cave as it were. Finally, because we live in a flood plane, we aren’t permitted to expand upon our current home. So when the little ones do come, and I do want a man cave of my own, I’ll need to get creative about where can I put it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was thinking about all this, and I came across the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. This guy makes some beautiful houses! In this economy, quite a few people see to have rallied behind his ideas. Currently the thinking is you either rent (and loose money every year), or you buy a home at somewhere around 3-5 times your annual salary. Assuming you’re not like me, and the housing market didn’t tank immediately AFTER you bought your home, then you’re still spending a significant portion of monthly income on a mortgage which you will have for the next 30 years. How appealing is a small house where:

  • You can build it yourself without feeling like it’s to big of a project.
  • It’s cheap, on average about $10K to build,
  • It doesn’t require to much in energy to run, becoming very appealing to sustainable energy sources.
  • It’s mobile, built on a trailer frame, so you can move it as you needed, without worry about having to leave your home behind in a natural disaster.

Mind you, you still need a place to park it, but for me, that isn’t an issue. I’m going to be posting a design here, based in part from the Tumbleweed House, but also based on the Don Vardo by Portland Alternative Dwellings. Expect some images and some Google Sketchup models soon.


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