It’s to dang hot!

Well, nothing ever seems to go as planned and this weekend was no exception. I got about half my yard work done on Saturday, but then we had a heat wave causing temperatures to raise into the 90s on Sunday. Just being outside 5 minutes made me feel ill. I know many of you may laugh, but 30 just ain’t 25 any more. I’m guessing that it’s just the fact that the change was so sudden, so I hope I feel better soon.

I did get a chance to clean up some images, so now this site has a proper header and I have a proper Gravatar as well. I’ll be spending some time this week getting a first draft of the OpenShed done as well. As soon as the evenings crack 70, I’ll be finishing the front yard as well. I just hope it’s soon enough that I don’t have to weed the front again.

I’ve decided, that the next place I want to go with my HAM radio hobby is going to get myself connected on the Winlink 2000 system. The idea is pretty simple. The volunteer organization maintains a series of standard email servers. A group of volunteer hams, all connected via the Internet, run bulletin board software which communicate with the previous group of email servers, and take commands via a radio link. And finally, a user individual, with a radio, a laptop, and possibly a TNC can connect to any local volunteer radio site and get all of his/her email. That sounds pretty sweet to me. In my case, my local station is out of buffalo grove, so about 5 miles away. Perfect range for my hand held Yaesu two meter.But, these groups run their systems all across the HF bands as well, making long distance runs very easy. Never being without email, even long after you leave the cell ranges, is pretty nice.

So far, there are two client programs. Both are Windows based (boo!), one of which works well in wine, but requires a hardware modem (~$1200, no thank you), the other uses a sound card modem, but requires .net, making wine support difficult. So for now, I’m going to dual boot my desktop into XP again (eewwww) and give it a try that way. I’ll also be running by radio shack to get the small handful of required parts for a radio soundcard interface as per Mr.Mills website

And as a parting word, today is Towel day. Go read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And carry a towel.


About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ
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