Today is firmly in the good day catigory.

This past week has been rather long for me. Not truly bad, but just very taxing. The company I work for has been asking a lot of it’s employees over the last two years or so and I’ve only been working there a year and half. Even on week one, I got notice of a company wide 5% pay cut. More recently, perhaps the last 6 months or so, the effect has been an average of 11 hour work days, with some rare days peaking at 14 and weekend work. Even then, I know that as the “New Guy” I’ve been a little protected. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I’m extremely thankful for it, but sometimes I just had to get away.

This long weekend was one of these. Originally, I was planning a stay-cation. I would guy a hammock, and spend a large part of the weekend just laying in it. But less than an hour into this past Friday, and I knew I needed to get the heck out of Dodge. 8 hours of driving latter, and I’m spending the next day and a half just sitting on a balcony, overlooking the northern forest of Wisconsin, in beautiful Bayfield WI. This place has been a favorite of mine since we found it last year when we decided to circumnavigate lake Michigan for our vacation. It’s clearly a tourist town, but a very small one and very, very quaint. It’s primary duty is to be a landing place for the ferry for Madison Island. In the summer time, this place could be mistaken for an ideal version of the new england or south Carolina shore lines.

We finished driving up this morning, after leaving our overnight hotel at about 10. We pulled into town about 1, barely missing the closing of the Egg Toss Cafe. That place is worth the 16 hour round trip by itself. A very tasty lunch elsewhere, a quick grocery shopping trip and we checked into the Brookside Hide-A-Way condos. This place is amazing. A one bedroom, full kitchen condo, extremely clean and nice, with free wifi, and all for $130 a night. This place is very hard to beat.

Tomorrow, our plan is to go to the island, and breakfast at Egg Toss, but we have a strong stance of no plans during this trip. It’s just calm, serene, and quiet. Have you ever felt you needed something like that? I hope someday soon to be able to bring the open shed out to here, and spend much less on housing.


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