A week goes by, but I haven’t done much

It’s been a week, but I haven’t done much at all. I gotta get some focus. Work remains hard, but the hours are improving and so is the work load. I’m super thankful for that.

A visit with the doctor made me decide that I needed to get rid of caffeine in my diet, which for me is MAJOR. I’ve drunk a lot of cola since before I can remember. I switched to diet about 5 years ago, so at leat I’m not hitting a lot of sugar, but that is still a lot caffeine. On average, 6 liters a day.

It’s hard work to break a major addiction(this would be my second), but mostly is learning to deal with the withdrawal symptoms knowing that the best thing to do is nothing until their gone. That said, I think I’m taking it pretty well. Only the first day was I particularly cranky. But since, I’ve only been pretty lethargic. I’ve even gained about 4 pounds since.

On the bright side, I’ve completely switched to plain water. And not the frilly bottled stuff either, but simple, plain tap water. I guess this means that a solar still will get a higher priority in my plans a little.

I also went to visit our local Restore, but left a little disappointed. It’s a great place in theory. think a cross between a salvation army and a home depot. I just didn’t find much of anything useful there. There were tons of interior doors (don’t need any of those), lots of windows, but only one sliding glass door. That one had sever water damage. No basic building supplies though. No left over lengths of lumber at all. I think I’ll need to crawl CraigsList a bit more.

I have not a lot to do this evening however, and I hope to finally finish my pc interface on my radio, as well as get some details into my sketchup for the open shed. With luck, I’ll have some more images to show.


About Grant Wagner

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