A weekend in the dark

It always seems like I simply keep adding to my dreams instead of making them reality. One of these have always been to solarize my home. While I have a very modest system, which will eventually be used in the open shed, This really came to light this past weekend. Massive thunderstorms pushed through the area on Friday afternoon. It caused all kinds of damage including burning down the local resell store.

More directly, we had a little over three days of no power. It wasn’t anything big, just a blown circuit breaker at the local distribution transformer. We got out a lot easier that most, but it’s a quick reminder of how Dependant upon electricity we are. We ran down the inlaws to borrow the generator, so we were hardly suffering, but it made me happy that I did have my small solar system. It gave us a little electric task lighting, with the rest provided by candles at night, a fan all night long on the warm evenings and complete quiet. I even had my laptop for a few hours.

We were thankful for the insulation we put in a year ago. Even at the hottest, our home never was warmer than 88, and seemed to be much cooler for most of the morning-early afternoon. Without it we would have been sweating in 110 I’m sure. It may not be the greenest choice, but that spray foam really kept the heat out.

We also had not one, but two great parties for my sister-in-law’s graduation and fathers day. I also completed my CD ripping project, which conclude
d with ~150 CDs all ripped to FLAC for permanent archiving and much better quality from my home server. I also now have a list of almost equal size of CDs which I need to buy. All this just as I finished my hunt for old PC games. For the curious, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a music compression format, similar to MP3, but allowing for 0 compression loss at greater size. I think I’ll also start ripping all my DVDs as well.

My digital interface for my HT is something which still isn’t done, so maybe I can get time on that tonight and tomorrow.

Finally, my beautiful wife is finally on her summer break! I’m so envious of her. Sometimes, I really wish I was a teacher.


About Grant Wagner

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