Current Happenings.

It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy with work stuff, home stuff, family stuff, and more stuff. I didn’t think it was quite a month though. Some great things have happened.

About three weeks ago, I got a chance to check out the North Shore Radio Club’s Field Day. This is a day in which HAMs nation wide go out into the wilderness for “emergency testing”, and try to rack up as many communications as possible. It’s a 24 hour event, and all equipment is generally brought on site and setup quickly. Simple dipole antennas are strung from trees and radios are ran from generator backed battery systems. Some people even run strictly solar. All in all, it was a blast. It was my first time working HF, and I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of traffic. I made a few contacts and gave the radio back. So much overlap in signals really start to hurt my ears. The food was good, and the people not directly involved in the contest were quite friendly. Those that were however, where very focused. I got to see a satellite contact as well as send my first winlink contact as well. I learned of a new brand of TNC which is much more reasonably priced that the $1K PACTORS I’ve seen in the past. I still haven’t made my sound card interface.

About two weeks ago, I found a free patio door on craigslist. It was in Antioch, about an hour north of me, and unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to pull it with, but is was in much better shape than any the Restore was selling for $300. The wife and I ended up getting a truck from our local Home Depot to pick it up. A easy straight forward process, and two hours for $30 and about $10 in gas made for a very cheap door indeed. The pickup was easy and the door was even a well insulated double pane model, which is better than the one in our current house. Now I’ll need to start shopping for Cinder blocks and pressure treated 2x6s.

Early this last week we hosted Tristan and Libby from Whittled Down as they moved through the area. Unfortunately work constraints prevented us from spending a lot of time together, but we were very happy to serve a handful of home cooked meals and support this couple in living their dream. Their covered wagon was as beautiful in person as it was in their blog, and we were happy to let them use our tools to do some minor fixes and enhancements. Hopefully that row of furniture tacks will help their bug problem. Lionshead on his little cat porch was incredibly cute as well.

I even just got my first link by Sarah Russell at Project Rolling Freedom. Since she was so nice as to give me a little bit of a shout out, it’s only fair to return the favor. Check out her Luludja.

Thanks for dropping in and I to be a little more talkative in the near future.


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General class ham: KC9SJQ
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