Setting up an off grid server, part 1. SSH support

This wasn’t going to be my first post on the panda, but I ran into some difficulty. I wanted to set up the panda as a wireless home access point, but it seems that the driver doesn’t support the wireless mode. In the attempt to get some beta drivers on the board, I managed to corrupt my install. That is one project that is going to be on hold, and I’m going to have to hold on to my current (and more power hungry, ironically enough) Linksys 802.11G wireless router.

So, now I have a working desktop on a very attractive little board. What is the first thing that I need to do? Remote access! For anyone with reasonable command line Linux capabilities, that means a Secure Shell Daemon, or sshd. Install it in Ubuntu with the following command line.

sudo apt-get install ssh

Now, you can access the machine from any other linux machine with the command


Adjusting for the ip address, or course. The application Putty for windows can also be used to access the machine. Easy as pie! Note that by default, root login via ssh is disallowed, and we’re going to keep it that way. You shouldn’t be logging in as root anyway.



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