Panda House, part 2: construction.

This past Friday, I got to visit my friend and master craftsman, Tom AB9NZ. He helped me with the cuts necessary for the Panda House. Thanks to his care in construction, it came out beautifully. He’s the only guy I ever known who pulled out a micrometer for a table saw, but I’ll never critize him for doing it. Check out his work for yourself.

The first image is the individual pieces as cut. The piece for the bottom was a bit to narrow (ran out of material), so it was patched and glued. The second was all the pieces taped together for a final dry fit. The third is a closeup of the front corner showing how tightly all the pieces fit together. The last is the pieces as they are drying after being glued. The last two show the glued box, with the bottom slid input place (it will not be permanently attached, but will slide out for any future modification).

Latter today, I’ll be visiting Tom again to trim the bottom, cut the back, and drill the various access holes in the back and the front. I think it’s going to look beautiful once the entire piece is finished with some clear varnish. The purple-heart came out wonderfully. I’ll be adding a copper faced DVD drive to the front as I said before. If anyone knows of a place with “interesting” lighted buttons which I can use for a power switch, please let me know.



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