Things I did today.

It’s been a long day full of fun things. The wife ran off to our church’s middle school retreat, and left me alone. And while the wife is away, the nerd will play.

My day started out with my usual Nora group breakfast. I get a bit of grief because of my age, but it’s all in all a great group of guys. Afterwards, I went to visit the home shack of Elmer W9WOD. He was kind enough to loan me his extra Kenwood TS-440 and power supply.  Larry (W9IQ, or is that K9IQ?) also gave me a center balun.

I made a quick trip to the hardware store for some rope, and when I got home, I cut me a 20M dipole. I had the wire already and the end point insulators was already a gift. Just for kicks, I pulled it through the house, with one end on the side door, through the kitchen, living room, hallway and into the office lined to the closet door knob. I FINALLY got to hear a few conversations, decode some psk (indirectly connected) and even call CQ a bit with my own call. No QSO’s this time. Trudging through 6′ snow drifts and trying to hammer stakes (I’m going to hand it as an inverted V) in the frozen ground just didn’t seem like a good idea, and I didn’t mount it permanently outside. Yep, I’m a wimp.

I am NEVER buying solid core wire for any reason ever.

Next I got around to cleaning up the panda house some more. The box is entirely glued, but the back access ports, which were perfectly sized to the ports, needs to be enlarged to actually get connectors in, as the connectors didn’t expect a 1/4″ panel. I made a bit of progress on that, and it should be ready for a final mount soon. The CD slot of the front is also squaring out nicely, but my file is very fine and takes quite a while to clean up. A bit of carving helps there too, but purple heart is very dense.

Finally, I got around to installing my new printer. My wife and I had a Samsung ML-1710 black and white laser printer. So did her father. When his cut out, we thought it would be a good time to update. We gave him ours (it’s best that he has something he’s familiar with), and waited a few weeks for a good sale. We picked up a Samsung CLP-325 Color Laser for only $150. These things are amazingly cheap now. I’ve installed in on the panda easily enough. Go to Start Menu -> System -> Administration -> Printing, and the usb connected printer is already in the list to the left. Click on it, pick a driver (I actually picked the 315 driver, there is no explicit 325) and it was good to go. Make sure to turn on all sharing options in server and printer setup as well.

Unfortunately, I just can’t get it to work on my laptop. I can see it when I search for network printers, but an attempt to print causes a “Printer not connected” error. I guess it’s something I got to figure out.

Finally, now I’m back for a late dinner at the same place where I started. They’re going to think I’m a regular.

73 until next time.


About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ
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2 Responses to Things I did today.

  1. Dizzy-Dick says:

    You reminded me of my last attempt of putting up a long, long wire. Maybe I will post on that tomorrow. 73’s

  2. Grant Wagner says:

    I’m going to wait until the snow thaws out a bit before I put it up, and it it’s going to quickly be combined with a 30 Meter dipole. We’ll see what happens first, the snow leaving enough for me to hang it, or me having to give back the radio.

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