Finally, a finished project

My dear friends. I finally have a finished project, and a working, solar powered HF station.

Thanks once again to K9IQ, I borrowed an EZ-Hang. This is a very goofy looking device, composed primary of a large slingshot with a fishing reel attached to the front. My neighbor came over to ask what I was doing, and I told him I was fishing for birds! The device did work as advertised, and after a few attempts, I was finally able to get some rope over my tree. I hoisted up a pulley about 25 feet up, tried it off, and trimmed the line. I also had a piece of rope ran through the pulley. Once it was as high in the tree as I wanted it, I cut and trimmed two height-lengths. This will allow me to lower my balun at any time I want. I tied on my center support, hoisted it up, and tied it off. Finally, I took all the extra rope I had, cut it in half, and tied one piece on each end insulator. These I staked into the ground to complete the inverted V. Sorry the image is so dark, and the wire white. I guess I’ll find out of antennas put up in bad weather really do work better.

Shortly after I got on 20M, and made my first contact on HF with KE4LJH in Florida. Just over 1000 miles with my first trip. Not bad. A QSO card was promised. When it comes, it’s getting framed.


About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ
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2 Responses to Finally, a finished project

  1. Dizzy-Dick says:

    I have use inverted-Vs in the past with good success. My first on was cut to 80 meters and I used a Johnson Viking matchbox for fine tuning the other bands. Back then, all but 15 meters was a true harmonic. Made some good DX with it. Good work and congratulations on a job well done and your first contact.

    • Grant Wagner says:

      The main reason I selected an inverted V had mostly to do with the fact that the tree I used to hang it from is about 30 feet from my shack window and I only had about 50 feet of coax. Although, now that it’s done, I think I like have the cable near the center support. Now I only have to pull up one stake to mow the lawn. Thanks for your encouraging words.

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