Panda House Finished

The night before last, I glued in all internal supports (made from inch long pieces of 3/8″ square hardwood craft pieces. The cables were glued shut and trimmed. The Pandaboard mounts were even glued to the base. Last night, after it all dried overnight, I was able to use two rubber bands to mount the optical drive to the lid, plugged in all cables, closed it up and put it in its final resting place. I declare this project done.

When I get the chance, I will still like to stealth the CD drive with a piece of polished silvery metal like aluminum. But that is a project for another day. I also have some software work to do. For some reason, the panda won’t share a printer. It see’s it locally, and I can see it if I browse to it from my laptop, but any attempt to print fails. I got some leads, but that is for another blog post.


About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ
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2 Responses to Panda House Finished

  1. Tom says:

    Grant, you never slow down! Whats your next project? Tom, Ab9NZ

  2. Grant Wagner says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll find something.

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