Dreaming of Distant Worlds

No post for what, almost 4 months, and now two in one day. I’m crazy!

In two weeks, I’m going back to my “most recent place that I’m from”. I’m heading there to visit my  friend Chris, and for the second time, watch Distant Worlds, music from Final Fantasy. I’m super psyched as the last time I saw this concert, almost 3 years ago, it was incredibly good. Anyone with even a minor interest in the games should love this. If you’re like me, and Final Fantasy was a integral part of your childhood and growing up, then this is pure gold.

As  a pre/early teen, I didn’t work and my family wasn’t interested in buying me a Super Nintendo when we just got our first 486 computer. So, when a friend showed me Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the US), I couldn’t just pick up the title. That was my first dedicated entry into emulation, playing Final Fantasy III, and then ChronoTrigger on ZSnes for dos, at an average pace of 3 frames per second. Also, I only had a VGA card, preventing me from using the transparency effects that made those games so beautiful. Still, I was mesmerized by both the technology and those titles, and I still throughly enjoy a play through of each today.


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2 Responses to Dreaming of Distant Worlds

  1. DizzyDick says:

    Glad you are going to get to do what you like. I guess it is because I am so old that I never heard of that concert or game. When I was young tinker toys was the big thing. (grin).

    • Grant Wagner says:

      Fair enough, I know it’s not for everyone.

      For me, this really was part of growing up, with Final Fantasy 1 coming out in 1987, when I was 7 years old, and just truly able to grasp it. Of course, they went on for 14 titles in the main series (with no real connections between them), not counting numerous spin offs.

      Now if only Lincoln Logs had a sound track (grin)

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