A new rig for the house.

Fair warning, the unit above is not mine.

I picked up one of these at a local hamfest about a month ago. When I first plugged it in when I got home, it started blowing fuses as soon as it was plugged in. I found and downloaded the operators and service manuals and saw that there was a diode across the power connector, making a reverse polarity connection a short. That sounded like what I saw, so I confirmed the power was backwards according to the diagram on back, and switched the connectors where it plugged into my rig runner. No more blown fuses, but still no other activity. This rig came with a mismatch mic, so I assumed the power cable was miss matched, and the rig itself simply never worked.

Enter my friend Randy Farmer, N9BEV. He starts by permanently correcting the incorrect power connector, and boom, he’s receiving. A tighten all the screws from my poor attempt at repair, and all that is left is to rewire the mic. He even notices that it has a hardwired 107.2 PL circuit in it (I didn’t think it had any), so I can even use it as is on the local repeaters. How sweet is that. Here is hoping the transmit works as well.

I owe a lot of local hams a lot. It’s a great community.

When I get it back, I’ll be pulling down the HF dipole I have in my back yard, and put my diamond X510 HDN back up. I only have one feed line coax between the two of them. Hopefully I’ll find time this fall before it gets to cold to install a nice through wall panel.

Also this weekend, I’ll be attending a WinLink2K workshop hosted by Lake county Races. I’ll most likely go with my Yaesu FT-60R handheld, and a Kantronics KPC3 (not plus) TNC. If I’m successful, I’ll want to make a new interlink cable for the Kenwood, as an always on radio email system client has been one of my major goals since the beginning.


About Grant Wagner

General class ham: KC9SJQ https://grantwagner.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to A new rig for the house.

  1. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Glad you got the rig working. Being on the air is much better than having a boat anchor.

  2. Grant Wagner says:

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s so much better. I know its buyer beware, but I was about ready to completely turn my back on ham fests because of it. Still, it’s good lesson. Pack a 12V 7Ah bat and some alligator clips next time I go to buy, and write down the call of the seller.

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