The world is a darker place.

I was really taken aback on how much his passing effected me. As an
open source Linux guy and a software developer, I found him to be as
bad as that other evil empire, but his influence couldn’t be felt more.
I never owned one of his devices, nor ran his operating system. I
thought him to be an egomaniac, thief, and general jerk. But from
Ubuntu to Android, to even the almost forgotten Fluxbox (a descendant
of the NeXT workspace environment) which runs my netbook, he was an

I never liked him, but I’ll miss him. I’ll be putting flowers at my
local apple store.

Steven Paul Jobs

February 24, 1955 to October 5, 2011

Also, check out the memorials at Bootstrap Solar and at XKCD.


About Grant Wagner

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One Response to The world is a darker place.

  1. Too bad you never liked him =/

    But I’m thankful for your mercifulness since he formed my childhood since 1990 with the Macintosh LC.

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