How about a little nerd chess!

I found this great sight today. How is a ham father to teach his children the great game of chess? Why, by using all the spare radio connectors and adapters he can find, of course!

In secondary news, Randy finished looking at my Kenwood TR-7625, and it seems to be is good working order after cleaning up the power cable. However, in my mucking about, I removed an insulator from a power transistor, allowing the tab of the TO-220 case to short to the common ground heat sink chassis. I would have never know than that was an issue. It turns out that I did more damage than the original user. Now it’s in good working order. a TNC cable has been ordered from BuxComm. Sweet Stuff! Now to find the power knob which has fallen somewhere in my car.


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General class ham: KC9SJQ
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4 Responses to How about a little nerd chess!

  1. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Glad you got the rig figured out. I like the chess set.

  2. Dizzy-Dick says:

    Me again. Just wanted to tell you I took a trip to the nearest ham store and got me a duil band hand held. Got it on charge. Now I can take my time fixing my old duel-bander. My HF rig has 70 cm, 2 meters, and 6 meters on it along with oll the HF bands. Can use it if I need a buch of power. Still having trouble learning to program it, you know I am an old tube era ham.

    • Grant Wagner says:

      Ain’t anything wrong with that. Congrats! My first radio, and for over a year my only was a dual band had held. A little clunky to use pretty much anywhere, but it worked out well with the extra antennas I had in the car and at the home. I can pretty much work any station I can hear, so I’m not really clear as to what more power buys you.

      It does take a bit to program, but my new to me kenwood has no programming at all, and there is a sweet simplicity to that. I have a little cheat sheet of all my local repeaters next to it, and I’m good to go.

      Still don’t have an HF rig. I can’t imaging getting one anytime soon. $800 or more is just to much for me to spend on a hobby. At least all at one time.

  3. Dizzy-Dick says:

    It is my HF rig (IC 706 MkIIG) that I am having trouble progamming. The hand held seems quite simple, or not. Will get it on the air this afternoon.

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